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“My first session with Todd was actually my first ever experience speaking with a professional about past experiences and how they have shaped my personality and habits of today.

My experience brought to light a few consistent life experiences that helped me understand something about myself I could not previously explain. I was holding myself back from building stronger relationships because of these unresolved emotions tied to thoughts and experiences I hadn’t let go of. I highly recommend experiencing a session with Todd to better understand yourself and resolve your past misunderstandings to live your life with a deeper connection with your emotions and your soul.”


“I would like to express my biggest gratitude for the soul integration session with Todd.

It was my first experience on something of that level, and I was quite nervous. However, the session was held with so much dignity and respect, which allowed me to “dive deep”.  I was able to identify blocks which I never thought of as the source, all with Todd’s help. Throughout the entire process, Todd guided me with extreme tact and patience. I felt very secure, safe, and was able to talk about things that I previously was unable to discuss. I feel more grounded and calmer. Todd also followed up with me after the session to check how I was doing. Todd was awesome. I am very grateful that I got to work with him and am overall very pleased with my experience.”


“Todd is an amazing coach. Because of coaching with him, I gained insights into myself that allowed me to be more successful in every area of my life, from my professional life to my personal life.

He coaches in a manner that allows the individual to discover the answers they are looking for, without dolling out answers that might seem obvious.  In doing so, he presents the opportunity for greater “a-ha” moments and growth, because he subtly leads his clients to discovering those answers on their own terms.  His questions and manner of coaching facilitate a growth that only seasoned and very wise coaches are able to expedite.  If you give his coaching 100%, you will walk away a different person.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to experience a Soul Integration facilitation!

Following the session, I felt much lighter and experienced more insight into some past memories and feelings about those memories over the next few days.  Yesterday was the first time I have been to yoga in a while, and I found myself very balanced during the balancing poses (very unusual for me) and I feel that it has something to do with the integration. Todd created an environment where I felt very comfortable and safe.  His office, demeanor and knowledge create a very relaxing and comfortable space to be able to go to those places within, that are scary, stuck and suppressed.”


True Aim - Todd Oja
True Aim - Todd Oja
True Aim - Todd Oja
True Aim - Todd Oja

“My session with Todd was a really great and eye-opening experience.

I am already comfortable with Todd, so I felt at ease, but he took extra care to make sure I was relaxed throughout our session. Though I had a general idea of how I thought things might go, I didn’t know what to fully expect from our session. He made sure to verbally check in during our conversation, and he made sure the space in his home as inviting and comfortable. During our conversation, Todd never pried or pushed, our talk kind of just evolved and grew. I felt like I could speak whatever came to mind. He listened very intently to what I was saying – and what I wasn’t. He welcomed silence and time for thought. Because of our session, I learned something really enlightening about myself, and for that I am grateful. During the days following, I thought about what we had talked about and wondered what else there is to figure out about myself.”


“For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of receiving infusions of Todd’s brilliant path-finding guidance which has helped me gain confidence in knowing WHO I am, WHAT I’m here to do and WHEN the time is right for taking action.

It’s reassuring to know that if I’m ever unclear or unsure, Todd is just a text away.  In a world that feels like it’s speeding up daily, I love knowing I am supported by the grounding presence of Todd’s expansive, immensely effective and positive energy. Todd has a unique talent of laser focusing on the over-all BIG picture mission and vision of his clients.  Why does this matter?  Because in many cases, Todd’s coaching strategy speeds up results. Todd said ‘People don’t necessarily have a positive relationship with change.’ The irony is that in this constantly changing world, change is the only thing we can count on!  Todd Oja is an excellent resource for coaching individuals on how to assimilate and navigate change effectively while helping them live their best lives yet!”


“I’ve never consulted a life coach before and recently had the pleasure with Todd.

I can’t say enough about how helpful and insightful he was. Todd has stellar intuition and a very encouraging and supportive delivery that made working with him comfortable and enlightening.  He asked questions that were right on point and listened intently and respectfully to all that I shared. With his assistance, I was able to reframe how I was interpreting and reacting to situations, which provided me with a valuable new skill that I can apply to future challenges.  Todd is not only a wonderful coach, he is a delightful human being with a real gift for bringing out the best in others and helping us to see ourselves through eyes of grace.  I highly recommend his services to anyone needing to move their life forward with a new perspective and a kinder view of themselves.”


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True Aim

Life's True Aim: A Life Well Lived

Denver, CO
True Aim

Life's True Aim: A Life Well Lived

Denver, CO

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